Feb 25, 2010

Taking Time for Me..

As most of you know, when you become a mom, you don’t really have much time for yourself. Today I woke up and my legs were hurting even worse than Tuesday night. I couldn’t even go down the stairs without wanting to cry. So instead of going to the gym I took some time out for me. I took the Princess to school and the Pirate to his 3 hour pre-school and went home. Then I did something that I haven’t done in years. I took a shower!!!!

I know you are thinking, you haven’t showered in years. Well of course I have but I haven’t had a REAL shower in so long. You know the kind where you can just stand under the shower and let the water beat down on your neck. The kind where no little head is popping around the curtain to say MOMMY I need this, MOMMY the Princess did this to me. Just a peaceful and quiet shower. I think I was in there an entire FIFTEEN MINUTES. I know, I know it was self indulgence at its best. I was even able to shave my legs without cutting myself because no one was surprising me or shouting at me to HURRY UP. My husband wasn’t in the bathroom shaving trying to talk to me. I was able to just have a quiet and relaxing shower.

Now after that shower I got dressed and back to cleaning up before the pirate needed to be picked up from pre-school. I don’t have that much time on my hands to take an entire 3 hours off. But it was nice to have those couple of minutes to myself.

Ok so now you guys think I’m a dork, but to me, that fifteen minutes was so refreshing. I didn’t worry about needing to clean the kitchen, or start the laundry. I just had a bit of time for me. I think this is something I need to do more of, not shower, but just take some time off for me. I used to think in order for me to have some time to myself, I had to carve out an entire length of time, but now I realize fifteen minutes can be just as good.
So new year, new me, I am going to be taking some time every week, doing something small for myself just to help me recharge a little. Do other mommies out there do this? If so what do you do to recharge. Let’s share some secrets to help each other along the way.

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